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The World’s Smartest Heat Press The Fusion IQTM range is the only Heat Press to have touch screen wifi technology, so you can control your press from anywhere in the world....

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£2,150.00 (Excluding local taxes and shipping)

The World’s Smartest Heat Press

The Fusion IQTM range is the only Heat Press to have touch screen wifi technology, so you can control your press from anywhere in the world. The Fusion IQTM comes with Dual function - swing or draw motion technology. To create a heat-free workspace.

A brand-new controller with a larger, higher resolution screen makes it easier than ever to modify settings and save recipes.

Dual Function Heat Press

  • Swing & Draw - The Fusion IQTM comes with Dual function - swing or draw motion technology. To create a heat-free workspace.
  • Over Centre Pressure – The Fusion IQTM has Stahls’ Hotronix® patented over centre pressure adjustment. Having over the centre adjustment allows the pressure to be distributed evenly throughout the platen. Giving you the most consistent press available.
  • Staff Consideration - If you are doing large volumes of heat printing, the impact of this on staff needs to be a major consideration. By having a dual function press, it is considerably kinder on the user.

Fusion IQ Efficiency

  • Threadability™ - The Fusion IQ has the Hotronix® EZ-On platen design. This means you have a greater clearance area under the platen. By having a heat-free area to thread your garment, you will be able to place your garment with more accuracy. And save time getting it on/ off the station.
  • Quick Change Platens – The Fusion IQ has quick-change platens. With a simple pull of a lever, you can easily remove your platen and add in a smaller or different shaped platen. Fusion IQTM presses are compatible with 13 different standard platens and 4 different Power Platens. Use a different platen to create a smaller print area and gain greater accuracy.
  • Perfect for DTG printers – You can use a Fusion IQ for pre-treatment and post-curing.

Fusion IQ Controller

  • Real-Time Feedback – With the Fusion IQTM Controller you get Live digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts on a large touch screen controller. Time, temperature and pressure are the three most important factors with heat printing. If you can control these, you will have the perfect press every time. With the Fusion IQTM controller from Hotronix®, you have more control over these, than with any other Heat Press.
  • Touch Screen Controls – With the intuitive IQ controller. You have the power to easily set and change your stations at your fingertips.  
  • Wi-Fi Enabled - Register your Fusion IQ and access the hotronix Online Portal, Manage users, generate usage reports, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Stats Portal - Online access to reporting, including total impressions, active/idle time, and average cycle time.

Price Breakdown

How long will it take to pay off the investment of your heat press? 

The total cost of the Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press is £2,150+ VAT 

If you sell each t-shirt for £19.95 and it costs are (£5 to make-Tshirt & DTF transfer) you make £14.95 profit on each sale.

*Your profits may also increase if you use different products

With a £2,150 investment & a £14.95 profit per item, it will take a total of 144 t-shirt sales to pay off the cost of the Stahls Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press.

That's just 12 t-shirt sales per month over 12 months!

Build Quality / In The Box Features

  • Available in tabletop or adjustable-height pedestal stand models.
  • Temperature range 0°C - 220°C.
  • Heating Element guaranteed for 30 years.
  • Fusion IQTM Controller
  • Press to 120 PSI for heavy pressure applications.
  • Die pressure cast 365 aluminium corrosion-free framework
  • Framework guaranteed for 5 years.
  • UL / ULC / CE / RoHS compliant
  • Quick Change Platen – 40x50cm as standard.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Fusion IQ Dimensions

  • Platens 40cm x 50cm
  • L 31" (79cm) x W 21" (53cm) x H 21" (53cm)
  • 70kg

Hotronix Warranty

  • 30 Year Warranty on Heating Element
  • 5 Years on Framework
  • 2 Years on Circuit Board
  • 1 Year on Parts and Labour (return to base)
  • Terms and conditions apply.

     All Prices Include Value added Tax, Delivery within 5 business days

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